We help our clients to create, exploit and protect their creative and cultural assets.

Creating New work

Whether you are starting a new project or business, raising funds, hiring employees or independent contractors, or working on commission, we can assist you with drafting and negotiating the necessary agreements.

Services include:

  • Business entity formation and filings

  • Literary/concept option and purchase agreements

  • Project funding including grants, loans and investor financing

  • Production, co-production and post-production agreements

  • Employee and independent contractor issues including confidentiality, non-compete and work-for-hire

  • Appearance, location and materials releases

  • Music composer and recording agreements

  • Trademark and title availability opinions

  • Copyright and trademark registrations

Using existing work

If you are using intellectual property created by others, we can help you to identify rights owners, acquire the necessary releases, licenses and permissions, and provide legal advice on managing risk and “fair use”.

Services include:

  • Copyright clearances and permissions

  • Music licensing

  • Fair use and chain of title legal opinions

  • Rights of privacy and publicity, defamation, First Amendment and news-reporting issues

  • Distribution agreements

  • Licensing, merchandising, subsidiary and ancillary rights issues

  • Publishing and self-publishing

  • Art sales, including gallery and auction house consignments

  • Museum acquisition, exhibition and loan agreements and collections management policies

  • Errors and omissions insurance issues

protecting your work

We can advise you on protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights, including securing copyright and trademark registrations, sending cease and desist letters, and reviewing contracts.

Services include

  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights including copyright and trademark cease and desist letters and take-down notices

  • Artist and collector estate planning and administration

  • Chain of title, authenticity and provenance concerns

  • Cultural property and import/export issues

  • Regulatory compliance issues

  • Liability, risk assessment and insurance

  • Nonprofit formation and 501(c) tax-exempt status

  • Museum organization, governance and management

  • Strategic and business planning