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Your Copyright And Trademark Claims Matter To Us

Success is more than creating something beautiful or innovative; it also depends on ensuring you reap the value of your efforts. Copyright and trademark laws are a key part of creating a truly successful enterprise in the arts.

At Lehmann PLC, we founded our practice on experience and commitment. As members of the art world, we know how valuable your time and energy are, and we value what you create. That’s why we don’t limit our services to just clients in Minnesota. We have a nationwide reach from our St. Paul office. Take some time to speak with us for free at 651-359-9695.

Copyright And Trademark: The Basics

Intellectual property rights can be confusing, and very few people understand the difference between a copyright and a trademark. Here’s what you should know.

Copyright: Copyright laws protect the owners of original works like books, artwork, movies and photography. They protect the copyright holder’s rights to recreate their work, to build upon it, and to distribute and reproduce it. They also protect you when someone copies or steals your work.

Trademark: Trademarks protect a process, name, slogan or symbol. They are commonly used to protect things like branding or a company’s reputation. They help indicate that a person or organization is the source of a product and protect your rights to the ongoing creation of products using that trademark.

Helping With All Your Intellectual Property, Copyright And Trademark Needs

We understand the intricacies of these nuanced areas of law. Some of the services we can assist you with include:

  • Literary/concept options and purchase agreements
  • Trademark and title availability opinions
  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Copyright clearances and permissions
  • Music licensing
  • Fair use and chain of title legal opinions
  • Licensing, merchandising, subsidiary and ancillary rights issues
  • Publishing and self-publishing
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights including copyright and trademark cease-and-desist letters and take-down notices

Whatever You Need, Our Firm Can Help

We stand by members of the creative community. From our office in St. Paul, our primary attorney, Walter G. Lehmann, uses his years of experience to guide you through the intricate needs of intellectual property protections. Contact our office for a free consultation today by calling 651-359-9695. Teleconferencing options are available for our nationwide clients, and we are able to meet you wherever is most convenient for you.