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You Live To Perform. We Live To Protect.

Performance is an art, and entertainment is a business. At Lehmann PLC, we strive to support you in all your creative endeavors, and protecting your rights is a critical part of that support.

Our attorney, Walter G. Lehmann, is well-integrated in creative communities. Having worked with arts organizations of all kinds in Minnesota and across the nation, and with experience in curation, he understands that a strong legal foundation means you can focus less on business and more on your art. Schedule a free consultation with our firm.

Facilitating The Thriving Documentary And Feature Film Industry

There is more demand for film entertainment than ever before. With creators, streaming services and production companies scrambling to produce content, it can be easy to overlook the fine details. But, when it comes to creating your project, protecting everyone involved should always be a priority. Our firm has a nationwide reach, and we help protect artists, directors, producers and those who employ them with a variety of legal matters, including:

  • Business entity formation and filings
  • Literary concept option and purchase agreements
  • Project funding including grants, loans and investor financing
  • Production, co-production and post-production agreements
  • Employee and independent contractor issues including confidentiality, noncompete and work for hire
  • Appearance, location and materials releases
  • Music composer and recording agreements
  • Trademark and title availability opinions
  • Copyright and trademark registrations
  • Copyright clearances and permissions
  • Music licensing
  • Fair use and chain of title legal opinions
  • Rights of privacy and publicity, defamation, First Amendment and news-reporting issues
  • Distribution agreements
  • Licensing, merchandizing, subsidiary and ancillary rights issues
  • Errors and omissions insurance issues
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights including copyright and trademark cease-and-desist letters and take-down notices
  • Chain of title, authenticity and provenance concerns
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Liability, risk assessment and insurance
  • Strategic and business planning.

We are prepared to assist you with these and other issues that face individuals and organizations during film production. We understand how the details work together to create a broader legal structure that supports your endeavors.

Your Next Step Is To Call

A thorough preparation and strong legal foundation can prevent thousands of dollars wasted and years of headache. Before you get too far into your project, reach out for a free consultation. Dial 651-359-9695 to contact us. From our St. Paul office, we have quick access to domestic travel options to reach our nationwide clients wherever is most convenient for them. We also have teleconferencing options available.