Firm Announcements and Law Updates

Lehmann PLC launches New Website

Lehmann PLC has a new website! The site was developed in collaboration with Soulens LLC and features a clean new look and feel. Lehmann PLC is an art, entertainment and museum law firm which represents content-creators and cultural organizations. www.lehmannplc.com.

Walter Lehmann
Article on Copyright Small Claims Court published in ABA Magazine

An article by Lehmann PLC's managing partner, Walter Lehmann, was published in the May/June 2019 issue of Landslide, the American Bar Association's bimonthly intellectual property law magazine.  In the article, Lehmann explains that the cost of litigating a copyright infringement claim can far exceed the likely damage award and that one solution is to establish a copyright small claims court. Lehmann has previously written articles on copyright and fair use for Landslide.


Walter Lehmann
Lehmann to teach at Case Western Reserve Law School

In Spring 2020, Lehmann PLC's managing partner, Walter Lehmann, will teach a new course at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.  “Museum Law and Ethics” will explore the laws, ethical codes and best practices that regulate the museum field. From funding to governance, intellectual property to cultural property, the course will cover the various legal and ethical concerns that museums face today.  Intended for law students, as well as museum studies and arts administration graduate students, the course will provide a legal foundation for those seeking a career working for and with museums, cultural organizations and arts communities.

Lehmann has previously taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in art and museum law at George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, and Mitchell Hamline Law School. 

 For more information about Case Western Reservice University School of Law, visit their website: https://law.case.edu/

Walter Lehmann
Lehmann presents at the MALHM Annual Conference

Walter Lehmann, managing partner at Lehmann PLC spoke at the 2019 annual conference for the Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums at the end of April.  Representing over 500 state history organizations, MALHM is an important resource for local groups seeking professional training and museum assistance. According to MALHM Executive Director Dustin Hoffman this year’s symposium in Red Wing, MN, was the best attended event to date.

Lehmann’s presentation – “Managing Your Museum’s Intellectual Property” – explored the application of intellectual property legal concepts in the museum context. While museums routinely use intellectual property in their day-to-day operations, there are many tricky areas when it comes to managing intellectual property and assessing the legal and business risks.  

 For more information on the Minnesota Alliance of Local History Museums, check out their website: https://www.mnhistoryalliance.org/.

Walter Lehmann