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How We Support Museums And Artists

Museums and galleries are a vital partner for artists across the nation. But since the lending, selling and purchasing of art can be complex, museums and artists alike depend on experienced legal professionals to safeguard their rights and their reputations.

Attorney Walter G. Lehmann has worked with and for museums in Minnesota and across the country, and he is committed to supporting artists. He draws on decades of legal experience and his in-depth understanding of creative communities. He works on the board of directors for many nonprofit organizations and has served as a museum curator. To access legal information grounded in real-world experience, contact our St. Paul office at 651-359-9695.

Providing Protections To Artists And Their Communities

As any museum administrator, art house manager or artist can tell you, there are many nuances to the law and you need to be careful to protect your rights. Legal clarity is what will allow you to create, display and sell art with confidence. Lehmann PLC offers comprehensive guidance for issues such as:

  • Project funding including grants, loans and investor financing
  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Copyright clearances and permissions
  • Fair use and chain of title legal opinions
  • Rights of privacy and publicity, defamation, First Amendment and news-reporting issues
  • Distribution agreements
  • Licensing, merchandising, subsidiary and ancillary rights issues
  • Art sales, including gallery and auction house consignments
  • Museum acquisitions, exhibition and loan agreements and collections management policies
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights including copyright and trademark cease-and-desist letters and take-down notices
  • Artists and collector estate planning and administration
  • Chain of title, authenticity and provenance concerns
  • Cultural property and import/export issues
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Nonprofit formation and 501(c) tax-exempt status
  • Museum organization, governance and management
  • Strategic and business planning.

Move forward in your creative work with confidence and surety. We help you create structures for success.

Contacting Lehmann PLC

Legal agreements are complex and can take time to sort out. Get your projects underway. At Lehmann PLC, we give you practical advice, so you can pursue the depths of your imagination. Call us at 651-359-9695 or reach out to us online for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout Minnesota. And with quick access to two local airports and teleconferencing options available, we are also equipped to serve clients nationwide.