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At Lehmann PLC, We Believe In Protecting Culture

Creative endeavors are both a motivator for and a result of a thriving culture. At Lehmann PLC, we support organizations and creative professionals as they plan, develop and display their creative work. Whether you are conducting important curation work, are seeking to protect your art or are doing something that requires work in a different area of entertainment law, our firm supports you and is willing to fight to protect you and your work.

Supporting Creatives Since 1996

Our lead attorney, Walter G. Lehmann, is an integral part of the artistic community. His involvement includes serving on museum boards; creating resources for arts organizations like theaters, museums; and acting as a curator. He also has a Master’s degree in museum studies.

Mr. Lehmann is most well known for his work in copyright and entertainment law. You can learn more about his work and credentials at the link below:

An Extensive History In A Wide Range Of Issues

Our firm offers detail-oriented, long-term solutions to many different issues you may face, including:

  • Creating businesses and spaces for creatives
  • Obtaining funds through grants and other financial resources
  • Contracting with creatives and developing employment agreements and managing other contract issues
  • Managing copyright, intellectual property needs and licensing agreements
  • Resolving issues related to ownership and title

For nearly 25 years, Lehmann PLC, formerly Lehmann Strobel PC, has worked with museums, creatives and other organizations across the country to create legal environments in which artistic communities can grow.

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